Our Story

....There is a motto here, a metaphor, a meaning behind the name LeoKai.... Kai represents friendship, truth, love, kindness and gratitude everlasting. Leo is you, we, them and I. YouAreKai, WeAreKai, TheyAreKai, & IAmKai

An upcoming and new 4 piece to the scene, bringing a pure sense of originality and style, with music that is highly distinguishable and unique.

The ‘up-close and personal’ experience of playing to a live audience is what makes it; the lips of a member of the crowd shaping into the lyrics of their songs is what fuels it.
And the stage they take is just the viewpoint from which the love for their fans resides.
Live, there is a passion that exists in their performances.

The determination to overcome fallback's and their sheer and pure love for music and their fans has and will keep them strong.

Thank you for your amazing support!